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I heart Vee Dubs

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

8:26PM - Ladies, Gentlemen, and DubFans...

I give you your new insectoid overlord!

Dub Dub!

This is the new 2012 Beetle, leaked to the internets a while ago.

Thoughts? Comments? Can of Raid?

I actually like it a lot, but hey.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

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Friday, October 30, 2009

11:41PM - Think It'll Buff Out?

What a 45mph collision does to a Type 3 Fastback:

Two pics under the cut.Collapse )

All things considered, the car held up fairly well. The driver (my dad) was perfectly fine, though pretty shaken -- the driver's side window exploded in his face.

When you leave for errands tomorrow, hug your Dub.

Friday, September 18, 2009


my 6 cd changer on my 2001 cabrio (model # 1J6035111) isnt working.  i just won another off ebay and realized it looks exactly the same as mine but the model # is 3B0 035 111B. Is this going to be a problem or will it still work?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I thought it was time for some change this summer.

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

3:10PM - Show Us Your Dub

It's been a long while, the comm has been all-but-dead; how about a driversfound photo roll call?

I'll go first.Collapse )

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

10:08PM - [Insert "Yo Dawg!" Meme Here]

When I'm home from school, I usually lock my Ghia in the garage and cruise around town in my parents' Fastback, instead. It's worth noting that my dad uses the car to run errands on some days, while I get it some others. My mom and I had gone out grocery shopping and just had a few things. Not wanting to put it in the rear trunk where it might get warm, we opted to put the bags in the front trunk.

We pop-ed it, spent the minute-or-so fumbling with the latch, and...

Jeeves - Yo Dawg II
Sadly, this picture taken at home, after the fact. We were both too amused to take it at the time.

Trunks. In our trunk.

My dad had left them in there. Somehow. How one forgets to bring in luggage is beyond me, but ah, there they were.

For some reason, this was insanely funny. Neither of us could stop laughing for a good five minutes. Sharing a car leads to all sorts of weird instances, but this was probably the most random I've ever experienced.

Does anyone else have any good "LOLWUT?" stories from sharing their Dubs?

And an update on the Tailpipe Saga...Collapse )

Friday, May 22, 2009


Hey guys, I don't know if you guys know of automodder.com or busselecta.com but I'm real bored at work and I can't keep my mind off my gti so I made a few of 'em.

Porsche 914. One of my dream cars. :D

And I'm painting my GTI! Satin Jade. Its almost done, just need to sand out some cracks from the old paint above the rear bumper, wetsand the pass. qt. pannel and roof and remount the rear bumper. I'm not painting the doors because the previous owner tried to "shave" the handles off with masking tape and A LOT of bondo. -___- So next pay check I'm hitting up the yards for some big doors. I'm thinking of smoothing out my textured parts (flairs, spoiler, and upper parts of the bumpers) and painting them beige? My rims are going to look horrible with it, but I'll be swapping in some steelies soon with amazing mercedes hubcaps. oh and white walls.

I'm also talking to this guy about buying his 1.8 16v to swap in. Hes asking 300 for everything. ecu, wiring, cluster, everything! hes working on the fuel problem because its currently in his GLI. We're starting to think its the fuel dist. I'm planning to swap it in by the end of the summer. I'm also installing new mounts and all new bushings for everything. and painting and cleaning the bay.

Enough ramblin'.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


can anyone recommend a place to get my cabrio's roof replaced? i'm located in eastern pennsylvania (lehigh valley to be exact), so any suggestions for eastern PA/western NJ would be greatly appreciated.

this was posted to a few different communities, so i apologize if you're seeing this multiple times.

thanks in advance!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Hello, I'm a huge VW fan - my family was an exclusive VW family for many years.  My dad doesn't care either way, though, so a few years ago he bought a new Mustang.  And even though I haven't driven a VW since I wrecked by poor 96 Golf, Penelope, on my 21st birthday (no booze involved, TYVM!), I still love them.  Just can't afford a nice one, but I'm saving my money until I can go all-out once I pay off my Honda.

Since I got my new car (2004 Honda Civic Si Hatchback - only made as a hatch in 04 and 05) I gave my old Escort to my mom, so she's trying to sell her 1992 VW Golf.  Well, actually I'm trying to sell it for her...

She lives in Hampton, VA, works in Norfolk and my parents have a store in Newport News.  For a decent price she MIGHT be able to drive to Richmond, but no guarantees, as my dad's been running the store by himself and probably can't take time off for it.  But like I said, we might be able to work something out.

It's in really good condition, physically, except the hood is delaminating in some spots where she tried to wax it and failed (i think because it started raining or something?).  The interior is pristine except the headliner, which is sagging (but all in one piece, so it could easily be fixed with some spray glue) and the shifter/e-brake console - but that's just from wear and tear of driving it for 17 years.  There's NO rust on it and it's been a DD and grocery-getter for 17 years, except once, when it was driven across the country when we moved from Seattle to NJ.  It's been well-maintained - my mom has never let something go because of expense - if it needed something, she did it.

I posted on VWVortex here: http://forums.vwvortex.com/zerothread?id=4358261
There are pictures and full disclosure description.

The price is listed as $1500, but we're willing to take $1k if you can pick it up.  Even if you aren't nearby, if you know anyone in the area who is looking to revamp an old classic or who needs a car, let me know.  I really don't want to scrap it, as it's got a great body and a tough-as-nails engine.  It needs new valve seals, but otherwise it runs great, no problems.

x-posted to ljcarclub and volkswagens

Thursday, March 19, 2009

5:57PM - they are watching me,

this ad was in my inbox today, I am scared being that is in fact, my model and I have hugged it D:

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Just a little update on my vehicles.

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Friday, February 20, 2009


i just bought a 1990 golf cabriolet, the engine is brand new. i bought it from the guy who re built it. but i'm having some issues.. sometimes when i put the clutch in, it revs the engine. my rpm goes up and i can hear the "rrrrr" as if i'm flooring the gas. i don't have my foot on the gas, and the gas isn't stuck down or anything. it scares me and makes me feel like an idiot when people see it happening. helppp

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

10:49PM - 1974 super bug- BRAKE QUESTION

Quick question:

I'm not really looking for a super technical answer, more or less a "to drive or not to drive" question.

It's time like these when I panic and doubt myself on how a certain part of my car "used to work". I sit there and think...was it always like that? Etc.

Well I am ass deep in heavy wet snow with temps around 10F. The bug plows through like a champ, no question about it. Coming down a very busy main street I went to hit my brakes, you know, nice and easy....gimmie plenty of time to stop in case the roads were icy....and oh boy they were icy.

Now I'm pretty sure my brakes were nice and smooth....press the pedal in, get nice resistance back, and depress for a nice even stop. Well tonight I had the brake pedal half way in before it clicked that OMFG I'm not even remotely stopping and I took my foot off the main brake and yanked up on the parking brake. (oh and my horn doesn't work so I couldn't have even tooted at the guy ahead of me....spectacular, I know)

Anyway I stopped without incident well before the car ahead of me at the light, so I eased up and put it into first and gently edged forward to test my brakes. If floored they did work.

I don't know, I just remember more resistance on my brake pedal. Okay so I've only had the car like 95 days now, but I could drive my car by feel, ya know, I knew exactly what my car was going to do, go, and by how much, how far, etc.

The brake pedal works, but something doesn't feel right. It's not what I expected or what I'm used to. So I suspect something is wrong. My question is ....how wrong? Do I have a big icicle jammed up somewhere that might have messed something up, holding something back, or am I just holding on by a damn thread and should consider myself lucky to have gotten the car home?

I should mention that....after the first time I noticed this problem, I have previously driven through bumper deep snow. I mean snow up past my running boards. Not on all the roads, but yeah it's extremely bad weather out. The bug took a licking tonight.

However I drove probably 10 miles after that okay. Then the bug sat in my friend's driveway for an hour and then I drove back home about another 7 miles just fine. Not that the brakes felt like themselves, because they didn't, but they didn't get any worse and they didn't fail me.

Now I haven't dipped into my Haynes manual yet, but I thought I'd put the question out there. Thursday is my last day of work, then I have Friday and Saturday off to work on the car if necessary. So if I could drive to work, that's be awesome. If not...well I don't know if I'm playing with fire or not.


Friday, January 16, 2009


Cookies Anyone?

(last years insanity here)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


when i drive my car, i notice this odd smell but i'm not sure exactly what it is that it smells like. i pulled into my garage and went inside for a minute and came out and my whole garage was filled with this smoky smelling stuff...it doesn't smell like gas or anything. anyone have any ideas??

i just recently had the throttle body replaced because this was happening and they said it needed a new throttle position sensor.

help! thanks

Friday, December 12, 2008


what kind of power steering fluid would i need for a 2001 cabrio?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


check engine light was on this morning. car wouldnt start. took it to autozone they hooked it up and it said that something is wrong with the "secondary air injection system faults: probable causes 1) circuit relay defective or fuse open   2) check connector and wiring  3) air pump defective or house blocked.

anyone know is this is going to be expensive to fix?

Thursday, December 4, 2008


hey everyone :) i have a 2001 cabrio GLX. the CD changer is in the trunk, and by accident without realizing i ejected the disc holder while the cd player was on (dont know if this would cause a problem) but now when i try ti insert the disc holder it just pops out and wont stay in. any ideas how to fix it/what could be the problem? thanks :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hey guys. I’ve been part of this community for a while and I’ve yet to show my car. (I guess it’s because of all the negativity on the vortex)


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